The Joy of Giving !!!

It’s sometimes said that Giving is Living and it’s better to give than to receive. The Bailey Tax Loyalty Program offers you the opportunity to receive as you give.

Born out of an appreciation for our clients, this a way for us to pay it forward. We encourage you to join us on this journey of Giving.

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Here is how it works.

Each Client is automatically, enrolled in the program, but may choose whether to participate or not. Each time you engage one of our services you earn points. Furthermore you earn an additional point for each person that you refer, who engages one of our services. Points will continue to accumulate as long as you and anyone in your line of referral continues to engage our services. In the event that you no longer use our services, points would still accumulate, if your referrals and lineage continue to engage, up to the maximum $100.00 limit which would be paid out to you. You would then cease to be a participant in the loyalty program.

*The value of the points are variable and adjustable and are subject to change at any time, without further notice.

How to Redeem Your Points

The points are accumulative and may be redeemed at various levels. The points may be redeemed in the following ways

  1. The cash value of the accumulated points is automatically paid out in cash at each $100.00 level
  2. You can use your points towards future purchases or pay it forward for your referrals at the 25 point level
  3. Donate to a charity of your choice and get your tax deductible receipt at the $25.00 level and up

Each point has a minimum value of $1.00