Business Deluxe

For the small, incorporated business owner

The transition from being a sole proprietor to owning a corporation can sometimes seem daunting and offers its own complexities. Not only are the rules stricter, but record keeping becomes of paramount importance as do the untangling of personal and business funds.

A successfully run company can play a very crucial role for tax planning purposes, income splitting and other tax saving strategies.

This plan is designed to help you, the small business owner navigate the tax system and to ensure that you maximize your tax opportunities while building value in your business.


Our all inclusive package includes a seamless transition from compilation of records (paper or digital), Book-keeping and accounting, payroll services all the way through to preparing and filing your corporate business tax returns. In addition, we also offer.

  1. Corporate tax return filings
  2. GST/HST filings
  3. CRA reviews and follow up
  4. Quarterly reviews
  5. Introduction to Canadian tax system
  6. Client specific tax issues and tax planning
  7. Business planning; An introduction to the Value Builder system
  8. Strategies to build value in your business
  9. Newsletter and tax updates
  10. Loyalty Tax Points

$297.00 / month