Small Business Pro

Ideal for sole proprietors, network marketers, independent contractors, shoe boxes welcome

So you’ve got your business, you’re all enthused, pumped up and ready to kill it. Everything is going on just fine and if you are properly prepared, then you can relax.

The reality is many small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs often make the mistake of not keeping proper records for the taxman. This is not always because they aren’t aware, but rather, the drudgery of collating information, while building their businesses eventually begins to wear them down.

Receipts may get lost or destroyed. Cash transactions go unrecorded. Business and personal funds get intermingled.

This plan is designed to help you stay on the good side of the taxman, by ensuring proper records are maintained. Here is how we can help you ease the pain and drudgery while you maintain focus on growing your business.


We offer an all inclusive package which entails a seamless transition from compilation of records (paper or digital), Book-keeping and accounting, payroll services all the way through to preparing and filing your small business tax returns. In addition, we offer

  1. GST/HST filings
  2. CRA reviews and follow up
  3. Quarterly reviews
  4. Introduction to Canadian tax system
  5. Client specific tax issues and tax planning
  6. News letter and tax updates
  7. Loyalty Tax Points

$157.00 / month