Family Plan

The Family that files together, saves taxes together.

There are many advantages to filing taxes together as a family. Most tax credits are income tested and thus calculated using the total family income. Credits like the GST credits, child tax benefits are often affected. The opportunities to split income and transfer credits between family members can sometimes amount to huge tax savings which might have otherwise been overlooked or lost.

If you are among the taxpayer who wants to learn more about their tax dollars and how they can make them work for you more efficiently. This plan is for you.


Here is what you get for less than a cup of coffee each day

  1. Personal Tax preparation services for up to 3 family members, unlimited slips
  2. Introduction to the Canadian tax system
  3. Client specific tax challenges and tax planning
  4. Semi-annual review
  5. Free newsletter
  6. CRA inquiries
  7. Loyalty tax points

$37.00 / month